FIRE SUPPRESSION: White Horse Forestry has provided fire suppression services to the Forest Service in the form of Type 6 Engines, Faller Modules and Type 2 IA Handcrews since 2007.

TRAINING: Since 2010 White Horse has held a Memorandum of Understanding with the Northern Rockies Coordinating Group to provide NWCG courses. Some of the courses offered each spring include; Basic Wildland Firefighter, Annual Refresher, FFT1, CRWB/ENGB and S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws.

FOREST MANAGEMENT: Through Hazardous Fuel Reduction, hand thinning and burning, WHF crews work with the resilient nature of the forest to restore it to a healthy ecosystem.

Accepting Applications for the 2018 Fire Season

White Horse Forestry is currently accepting applications for the 2018 fire season. We are a Montana based company that is committed to safely providing the highest quality service to the agencies we work for and the best possible experience to our employees. Positions available on the Type 2IA Handcrew and Type 6 Engine include: Crew Boss, Engine Boss, Squadleaders and Firefighters. We are interviewing applicants now and plan to make our final selection by the end of Feb. If you haven’t applied yet please do so ASAP. We will be reaching out to past crew members to confirm their status for the upcoming season. If you’re still not sure, check out our crew video on the Photo/Video page.

If you like to work hard and have fun, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email through our contact page.

2018 Wildland Fire Training

White Horse Forestry is a training provider of NWCG courses. Most courses are offered during the spring. Please check out the events page often as new classes are added from time to time. The 2018 training schedule will be posted on this site in Jan. Just a friendly reminder, its never too early to start your personal physical training program. I always say, “Train like your life depends on it”.

Missoula Base

White Horse Forestry is owned and operated by AnnaMarie White, located in Missoula, Montana. We are a full service forestry management company with a long history of logging and hazardous fuels reduction. Since 2007 White Horse Forestry has maintained Wildland Fire suppression agreements that include Type-6 Engines, Type 1 Faller Modules and 20 Person Firefighting Handcrews. We have consistently received excellent performance evaluations for all of our Fire contracts. In the spring of 2016 WHF opened the doors to their Handcrew Operations Center(HOC) in Missoula. The HOC will house the Type 2 IA Crew.

White Horse Crew Locates Bubble Door From Chinook Helicopter

Toward the end of a 14 day roll on the Copper King fire the White Horse Type 2IA Handcrew was given a special assignment: Retrieve a door that came off of a Chinook. The only info given for this assignment were the GPS coordinates that the pilot punched while hoovering of the most likely location. After a day of gridding and finally reformatting the GPS coordinates that were given: Mission Accomplished! Finding the door was a great morale boost and awesome way to end a great assignment that had the crew digging hot line on spot fires, prepping for firing and of course no shortage of mop up. Well done folks!

Here is a quote from Josh Beckham, General Manager for Helimax Aviation, Inc:

“I am reaching out to you and your crew to extend Helimax Aviation, Inc.’s gratitude for taking time to locate a bubble door that came off of our CH-47D Chinook aircraft during the 2016 Fire Season in Montana. Unfortunately, the door is probably not going to be repairable due to the damage it received when it departed the aircraft ; however, we cannot put a price tag on the lessons learned from these types of incidents. These types of incidents are extremely rare and having the equipment that failed for inspection, examining why and how it departed the aircraft, and future training make this a great find.”